Our team

Welcome to ABflexkracht, we would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are all about people, and we are proud to introduce our fantastic team and departments to you. Discover the faces behind the positions. Our people are the driving force behind our success, and with the photos we would like to share a bit of our energy and enthusiasm with you.

Technical Service Employee
Support employee
Dawid Owczarek
Technical Service Employee
Adam Bobel
Team Leader Housing
Zbigniew Wolodzko
Aleksandra Duivenvoorde
Senior Planner
Gerry van Gent
Beata Fedorow
Personnel coordinator
Paulina Malec
Personnel coordinator
Monika Lewandowska
Personnel coordinator
Agnieszka Anuszkiewicz
Operational Team Leader
Marielle Ammerlaan
Marketing, Communicatie en Coöperatie
Samantha Kennis
HR advisor
Sonja van der Helm
Employee Financial Administration
Employee Financial Administration
Karin Schornagel
Financial manager
Jacek Astner
ICT manager
Monika Bryl
Administration employee
Ingrid Elstgeest
Administration employee
Lucia Spek
Administration employee
Nese Yildirim
Administration employee
Willem Tas
Relationship manager
Nick Rövekamp
Account manager
Aziz el Assali
Team Leader/Account Manager

The reduction scheme for members

ABflexkracht grew out of a number of smaller cooperatives founded in the middle of the last century by entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to ensure continuity on farms in the event of that entrepreneur's incapacity for work. ABflexkracht has an already long history as a labour intermediary cooperative in the green sector. This is still an important pillar of our organisation.

Our temp workers

We started mediating international temp workers in 1998. At ABflexkracht, we are connected to the agricultural sector, and know how important the role of temp workers is on your agricultural business. Our committed team is committed to getting the right match between temp workers and the work on your business. We are certified and reliable: that's good for you and for our temp workers.

Knowledge meetings for members

Members have benefits within the ABflexkracht cooperative. Besides the use of the reduction scheme and priority in the deployment of temp workers, the cooperative also organises interesting meetings for members. Knowledge sharing creates connection between members and also between members and organisation.