At ABflexkracht, we offer a wide range of training opportunities for our temp workers and employees. Learning new skills and increasing knowledge offer you the opportunity to do your job even better and to grow in your abilities. We therefore offer the following training courses:

Dutch language courses

Working and (temporarily) living in the Netherlands becomes easier and more effective if you can understand and speak the Dutch language. This is why we offer language courses to improve your language skills so that you can communicate successfully in the workplace.

Product and cultivation knowledge:

For those interested in the agriculture and horticulture sectors, we offer courses that focus on specific areas such as bouquet making, bulb growing and plant cultivation. These courses provide you with valuable knowledge for a flourishing career in these sectors.

Foreman/works manager course:

If you aspire to a managerial position, we offer courses that prepare you for the role of foreman or works manager. Learn the essential skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead a team or department.

Develop leadership and coaching skills:

If you are interested in guiding and coaching others, we offer courses to help you develop leadership and coaching skills. Learn how to instruct and lead a group effectively.

Crop protection spraying licence A:

For those working in the agricultural or horticultural sector who want to increase their knowledge to apply crop protection, we offer training courses to obtain the required spraying licence A. This is essential to perform crop protection tasks safely and according to regulations.

Safety and instruction training:

Safety is our top priority. Therefore, we offer extensive safety training to ensure that you can work safely on the sites where you are placed. You can think about safety and health training (SCC) or a forklift certificate.

You are important!

At ABflexkracht, we invest in your personal and professional growth. Our training courses are designed to help you succeed in your career and develop valuable skills that you can apply in a variety of work areas. Take the next step in your career development with our training opportunities!