Good housing for our temp workers is important. We provide them with accommodation that is comfortable and meets all requirements. Every temp worker is given accommodation close to the workplace whenever possible.

ABflexkracht has housing available throughout the region. When we arrange housing for you, we make sure the locations are strategically chosen. We aim to offer you accommodation close to your work location. It reduces the travel time and hassle of the daily commute, saving you time (and energy) and allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Of course, our housing meets high standards of comfort and quality. Because a good place to “come home” after work is essential for performing well at work. That is why we select accommodation that is clean, safe and well-maintained. We work with reliable partners and follow strict quality control procedures in line with SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) regulations to ensure that every temp worker feels at home in his or her temporary accommodation.

Need help from the technical service?

If there is a defect in your home, report it to your housing caretaker. Whether it involves repairs to your home or your bike, if the technical service needs to be called in, it always goes through your housing caretaker. He or she can fill in the report form below.