More than 55 years of experience

For more than 55 years, we have been providing versatile talent for your business in the green sector. From 1968, we were known as Agricultural Caretaker, ‘also called the farmer’s helper’, where we ensured business continuity in case of farm owner’s incapacity. Today, we are much more than that. We have grown along with the changes in the green sector. Now too, entrepreneurs in the green sector need versatile talent to be successful. Our mission is to provide that talent to our members and clients.

In 1998, we started working with temp workers from abroad. We have since become an authority in that field. Finding the right talent is becoming increasingly challenging, and our team dedicates itself enthusiastically every day to recruiting the best flex workers for our clients. You can come to us for hiring flexible workers at any level, from production workers to company managers, both for a short period and year-round.

We attach great importance to binding and retaining our temp workers. That is why we have Polish/Dutch-speaking staff coordinators on our team, provide good housing under our own management, arrange transport, offer temporary workers free (language) courses and provide reliable weekly remuneration. After all, a happy employee performs better, also at your company!

The pace of change at agricultural companies is accelerating. This means that ABflexkracht, too, has to keep evolving. With plenty of opportunities for new services, we too keep looking ahead. For instance, we are in the process of setting up our own training programme, also training your flex workers for specific work in the green sector.

We are committed to our members and clients. We speak the language of entrepreneurs in the green sector and know the issues like no other. Together with you, we would like to grow in the fascinating and flourishing green sector.

I am looking for personnel

Whether you are looking for flexible workers, the right talents for long-term positions or temporary experts to tackle specific projects, we have the solution for you.