Over 55 years of experience

ABflexkracht originated from the cooperative called Bedrijfsverzorgingsdienst Bollenstreek, founded in 1968. We are now a temporary employment organisation with over 55 years of experience, mainly in horticulture, bulb cultivation and other open field cultivation in the area of Aalsmeer, Bollenstreek and Aar- en Veenstreek. For us, providing flexible and reliable workers to our members and clients is key. You can then focus on your speciality: doing business with your plants, bulbs or flowers.

Our team

Welcome to ABflexkracht! ABflexkracht is all about people, and we are proud to introduce our motivated team and departments to you. Discover the faces behind the positions. Our people are the driving force behind our success, and with the photos we would like to share a bit of our energy and enthusiasm with you.



Willem Tas
Relationship manager
Nick Rövekamp
Account manager
Aziz el Assali
Team Leader/Account Manager

Planning & Recruitment

Zbigniew Wolodzko
Aleksandra Duivenvoorde
Senior Planner
Gerry van Gent
Agnieszka Anuszkiewicz
Operational Team Leader

Our services

Our interim agricultural caretakers

ABflexkracht is there for companies looking for flexible and reliable workers. Since the beginning, we have organised agricultural caretaking for our members. Under the reduction scheme that provides replacement work for our members, this ensures continuity on your farm when you are unfit for work. And our agricultural caretakers are also a valuable force, when you are looking for a temporary experienced worker. Whether you are looking for a temp worker for a specific job, replacement due to holidays or just because of a peak in work, at ABflexkracht you have come to the right place.

Working with our temp workers

At ABflexkracht, we know the importance of our temp workers to the agricultural sector. Temp workers play a crucial role in fulfilling staffing needs on the agricultural businesses of our members and clients. Our temp workers are therefore important to ABflexkracht. We pride ourselves on not only being able to provide them with an excellent salary, but also ensuring their well-being and comfort, for example when it comes to housing and support.

Knowledge meetings for our members

ABflexkracht already has a long history as a cooperative for labour mediation in the green sector. Besides wanting to provide our members and clients with the right agricultural caretakers or temp workers, we like to offer extra added value for our members. We organise several meetings a year and invite our members to share knowledge on a current topic with an interesting speaker, for example, or we visit an interesting startup.