What do you need to know?

If you want to work in the Netherlands, it is important to know several things before you start. As an EU migrant worker you have the same rights and obligations as Dutch employees, such as the right to leave, holidays, sickness benefit and unemployment benefit. At the same time, you must meet the same obligations as Dutch employees.

The Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU) and the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) the network aimed at promoting the mobility of employees in the EER have jointly produced an information video for people who are thinking of coming to the Netherlands to work. This short video focuses on the Dutch labour market, on working as a temporary employee,  and on what you should consider before actually moving to the Netherlands to work.

Click HERE to view the video.

A good temporary employment agency
There are several temporary employment agencies specifically for Polish employees. Unfortunately, there are still many agencies in the Netherlands that operate in bad faith. At abflexkracht you can be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy Dutch employer, that you will be paid an honest wage and that we comply with Dutch legislation.

Good temporary employment agencies are members of the ABU or NBBU or are NEN 4400-1 certified. As a member of ABU and registered with the SNA (Labour Standards Register) (NEN4400-1) abflexkracht is a certified flex partner. Furthermore, we are properly registered in the Netherlands Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and we have an official accommodation quality mark. We cherish that!