Residing via abflexkracht

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When you want to come to the Netherlands to work but do not have a fixed address in the Netherlands, we will help you on a voluntary basis to find a place to live once you are officially employed at abflexkracht.

Depending on where you will work, the recruiter of abflexkracht and a colleague of the planning department will see if and where accommodation (a dwelling or bedroom) is available within a certain distance from your place of work.

The accommodation
All accommodation is fitted with carpets and curtains, and furnished with all necessities for normal occupation. Most of what you need is therefore present in the dwelling or bedroom. You are to bring the following with you to the Netherlands:

  • Sheets, pillowcases and blankets
  • Towels
  • Possibly tea towels/dishcloths
  • Clothing and
  • Personal items

Caretakers are present in most of the accommodation provided by abflexkracht. They will receive you in the dwelling, ensure your safety and comfort in the dwelling and are your primary contact for any questions you might have regarding the dwelling where you live via abflexkracht.

Facility Management
Obviously, we want our dwellings to be kept neat and well maintained. All residents play an important part in this respect. If you notice a defect in the dwelling, please notify us as soon as possible via or

This facility management department of abflexkracht comprises a facility manager and 2 technicians. They are responsible for inspections and maintenance on the dwelling.

SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen / Flex Accommodation Standards Register)
All accommodation we provide is SNF certified. This means that the dwellings and/or bedrooms meet the safety and usage standards for accommodation of migrant workers as drawn up by SNF. This is checked annually by VRO on behalf of SNF.

abflexkracht house rules apply and abflexkracht regularly inspects the dwellings as to adherence to the house rules.

Withholding of accommodation costs
The contribution you pay when you make use of our accommodation is charged weekly and withheld from your salary. The amount you contribute to the accommodation costs is assessed regularly and adjusted if necessary. Any adjustments to the amount withheld will be communicated to you in advance. After your contract ends, your stay in the abflexkracht accommodation stops and you will be required to vacate the dwelling within 2 days. The amount that is withheld for accommodation stops at that time as well.

Of course, you are not obliged to live or continue to live in a house provided by abflexkracht and you can also arrange for accommodation yourself if you wish.

If you have any questions regarding accommodation, please contact your personnel coordinator.