Adam talks about his periodic work in the Netherlands

Adam, 41, from Szczecin - Polend

Works as a crop protection specialist at a seedling nursery
via abflexkracht

Like many people in his country, Adam was unable to find work in Poland and in 2008, he decided to try his luck in the Netherlands instead. Although his plan was to spend a few years working in the Netherlands, 11 years have passed since then.

The job counselling agency AB has had an office in his Polish hometown, Szczecin, as long as he can remember. You can go to them if you'd like to work in the Netherlands. “That's how I ended up in Holland, too,” Adam says with a grin. He started with a job in construction via AB North Brabant. After that, he was assigned a job milking dairy goats. “I had to milk 5,000 bleating goats; it was really hard work.”

More versatile employee

For the past few years, Adam has worked at various greenhouse horticulture companies via abflexkracht. At the moment, he works in a seedling nursery in Rijsenhout. Garden hose in hand, he says, “I'm responsible for watering the plants and taking measures to ensure they are protected from disease, pests and weeds.” In the Netherlands, strict rules apply to the use of crop protection agents in a professional setting. Only those with a special crop protection (or ‘spraying’) licence are allowed to work with these' chemicals. “Via abflexkracht, I had the chance to complete the training. I took the tests and earned my crop protection licence. I'm pleased to have been given the opportunity for personal development. As a
result, my work has become more interesting and I've become a more versatile employee.”


Aspects like transport and housing are taken care of, too

For Adam, doing temporary jobs via abflexkracht is a conscious choice. “I'm satisfied, they keep me well-informed and – besides the work itself – aspects like transport and housing are taken care of for me, too. I spend a few months working in the Netherlands and then I go back to Poland for a while; I've been doing this for years. In Poland, I get to enjoy my time with the family and friends I miss while I'm in the Netherlands. If something crosses my path, sometimes I work for a few months in Poland as well.” Adam has not yet decided whether he wants to settle down permanently in Poland or build a life for himself in the Netherlands.

A career in translation

Adam continues, “I studied Dutch in Poland and speak it reasonably well. I'd like to study the Dutch language in even greater detail, so I can continue my education. Maybe then I'll be able to make my dream come true and pursue a career in translation. I could do that in Poland or in the Netherlands.”


Daytrips in the Netherlands

‘In the meantime, I've come to love the Netherlands too – especially the cities.” Adam regularly takes little daytrips at the weekends. “I walk around and admire the old city centres. Breda is especially pretty and charming, if you ask me. The longer I live in the Netherlands, the harder the decision becomes.” “But,” Adam laughs, “I haven't yet given up hope of returning to Poland one day and settling down for good.”