About abflexkracht

The agrarian sector in the Netherlands boasts a glorious past. A past we can be proud of and which has made us the global frontrunner in many fields and disciplines in the green sector. For instance, the Netherlands occupies a leading position in the field of tulips, summer flowers, flower bulbs and tubers, trees and plants, agricultural products, plant breeding material and seeds as well as technological innovation, experience and knowledge.

Our Mission: Entrepreneurs in the green sector need people with a wide range of talents in order to succeed.

Ever since 1968, abflexkracht, as a cooperative, has deployed all its talented employees and means to support this sector to the best of its ability. abflexkracht still aims to fulfil this role, however it is aware that in our rapidly changing society this role needs to be critically examined. Nowadays, new revenue models and product concepts, increasing sustainability of crops, the shift from a supply-oriented market to a demand-driven market, new types of organisations and working practices, internationalisation and digitisation, all have an impact on the green sector’s way of life. At the same time, these changes offer the sector many new opportunities. abflexkracht considers it its task to support its customers and members with multi-talented employees so that these entrepreneurs can continue to make a difference and be successful in utilising the opportunities they are presented. abflexkracht labours passionately to provide knowledge, skills and capacity to our customers, members and flex employees so that they can stay in tune with the radically changing market. We believe that this change in the market requires a new approach to doing business.

Our Vision: To be the best employer in the green sector and to provide our clients with multi-talented employees.