Digitization is rapidly changing the economy and society. And the corona pandemic has made the need to digitize all the more urgent. Abflexkracht wants to go along with these developments and we have recently taken the first major steps.

Abflexkracht has switched to the very latest version of our front and back office system and has also renewed the web portal. As an organization, we want to be completely 'up-to-date', and to achieve a lot of time and efficiency gains that also benefit you as an employee. The go-live to this latest version will take place in the weekend of April 9-10, 2022. For you as an employee, there may be a number of changes from Monday April 11 that we would like to inform you about in this letter:

The abflexkracht web portal is TEMPORARILY unavailable from Thursday evening 7 April, 8:00 pm, you can log in again from 8:00 am on Monday morning. You can reach the portal via our website: and click on the line: Click here and go to: web portal - Staff UITZENDEN

  • Your existing password and username are unchanged.
  • When logging in to the web portal, you will see that the web portal has been updated in terms of layout. A number of new functionalities have also become available, so leave requests can now also be made via the web portal!
  • You will no longer receive broadcast confirmations by e-mail from Monday 11 April. From now on you will find these in your web portal under: My documents/Broadcast confirmations. You will receive an email when a new broadcast confirmation is ready for you.
  • Finally: due to the transition, in the week of 11 April you may receive your salary once on Friday 15 April instead of Thursday 14 April. Of course we will do our best to still realize the salary on Thursday!

During the week of April 11, 2022, our personnel coordinators will be extra available to answer any questions. You can contact your regular contact person at abflexkracht or ask your question via: Contact | Abflexkracht

We will continue to digitize in the near future so that we can transform into a future-oriented company!