Let's get started in the Netherlands with ABFLEXKRACHT

Are you looking for a great job in the horticultural (green) sector? Temporary or for a longer period of time? You will find the perfect job for you with us! At abflexkracht you can work in different positions. From gardener to manager and from production employee to foreman. How much experience do you actually need? Is it safe during a pandemic? What if you do not yet live in the Netherlands? You can read that on this page!

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What kind of experience do you need?

Experience in the horticultural (green) sector or as a production worker is of course useful, but what if you don't have it yet? Are you super motivated? Are you a real go-getter with a hands-on mentality who likes to work hard? Do you think work is as important as enjoying it? You have no problem to support another department from time to time and work untill the work is done? Do you say Yes?! You are exactly the person we are looking for!

Read the experiences of others

At abflexkracht, more than 800 motivated employees work in the green sector every day. Meet Adam, Ewa, Maciej, Sevdi and Alicja. They will tell you why they really enjoy working in the green sector every day. Maybe soon you will be working in the green sector too? abflexkracht is able to make this dream a reality!

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How do we deal with the coronavirus at abflexkracht?

We are closely monitoring the developments related to the coronavirus. Based on the laws in force in different countries, we adapt our policy accordingly. You can always be sure that you can work with us safely. In addition, you can now get vaccinated in the Netherlands as well. Your personal coordinator can help you making an appointment. 

What about the apartment?

If you want to work in the Netherlands and you do not yet have a permanent or temporary residence, we can offer you accommodation - from the moment you officially start working at abflexkracht. You pay for the apartment weekly, we inform you in advance about the amount and if you agree and start working for us, we deduct this amount from your salary every week.

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Good working conditions

Abflexkracht prioritizes employee satisfaction. That is why we value great importance to good employment conditions. At abflexkracht, you are well paid and things like transport and work shoes are taken care of perfectly. You can also make use of additional courses!

At Abflexkracht you can always count on:

  • A personal coordinator for all your questions;
  • Free safety shoes (mandatory to wear at work);
  • Free transport (loan bike or a car, depending on the distance to your workplace);
  • Accomodation if needed;
  • Professional development opportunities;
  • Additional training or courses;
  • Everything in accordance with the law;
  • Salary in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement.