How do things work at abflexkracht?

Trustworthy employer
abflexkracht is a certified flex partner and a reliable Dutch employer. We cherish that. abflexkracht is a member of sector organisation ABU (Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies), is registered with the SNA (Labour Standards Register) (NEN4400-1), is properly registered in the Netherlands Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and abflexkracht has an official accommodation quality mark.

Register with abflexkracht
Do you want to work in the Netherlands? Check out our current job vacancies on the job vacancy page on our website. Respond directly to a vacancy, or write an unsolicited application letter, including your CV and your motivation.

There are no costs attached to registering with abflexkracht. We never charge a fee for registering you as a job seeker. Unfortunately, there are still temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands that operate in bad faith and that do charge a fee. Be aware that it is illegal to do so.

The match
After you have registered as a job seeker, our recruitment department will set to work for you. They will contact you regarding your CV and will discuss your possibilities and wishes with you. As soon as we have a suitable job vacancy, we will contact you and go through your employment conditions with you as well as the work we have in mind for you. If you agree to all this information, we will introduce you to our customer by means of your profile. If the customer is in agreement, then it is time for you to come to the Netherlands.

To the Netherlands
Before you start working for one of our clients, you first come to our office where you are registered by one of our recruiters. That recruiter checks your details with you, discusses your possibilities and wishes once again and informs you of the type of work you will be doing. We will give you the address where we have arranged your accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands.

You might travel to the Netherlands without us having concrete work for you. This always happens in consultation. In that case, we will put your name on our availability list and arrange work for you as soon as possible.

Personal guidance
The personnel coordinator will accompany you to your client on your first day to introduce you to the others in the workplace and help you get started. The personnel coordinator will also explain the transport and the route from and to your work.

The personnel coordinator is your primary contact during your stay in the Netherlands, provides guidance in your job and gives input on your personal development.

Transport from and to your work
To get to work, abflexkracht can give you bicycle on loan. If you live more than 10 kms away from your work we can arrange other transport for you. You might, for instance, be collected by car or you might become a driver of an abflexkracht car.

Weekly payment 
When you start work, you will receive an employment agreement from abflexkracht. Your wage is paid on the basis of this contract and the employment conditions as laid down in the customer’s collective labour agreement. Your net wage is paid by bank on a weekly basis. The wage we pay is based on the time sheets that we receive from your client.

Greater security
The longer you work via abflexkracht, the more security you build up. This is arranged via the phase system in the collective labour agreement. The further you progress in the phases, the more entitlements you are granted, and the tighter your relationship with abflexkracht gets. The phase system is subdivided into three phases:

Phase A Phase B Phase C
78 weeks worked 4 years / 6 contracts indefinite period


The entire phase system is explained in the collective labour agreement for temporary workers: CLICK HERE

abflexkracht web portal

When you work for abflexkracht you are given exclusive access to your own digital abflexkracht web portal. This digital environment contains personal information and can only be reached with your personal login data which only you have access to. On the web portal you can view and download such things as salary specifications. Other important information is also posted there regularly.

Should you have any practical questions, for instance about your wage slip, you can always send an e-mail to or call +31 (0)297-327666 between the hours of 7:00am and 5:30pm.

One of our colleagues will speak with you to answer your questions.