Choose a trustworthy company

When looking for work in the Netherlands through an agency, it is hugely important that you choose a trustworthy company. There are dodgy agencies at work. These exploit their staff, who tend to get no proper contract, to be underpaid, to have to work in poor conditions and are made to pay over the odds for poor accommodation. So it really is worth your while to be very choosy about the agency you sign up with. You can be confident that job agencies forming part of the ABU professional union are trustworthy.

On their website at you can see that abflexkracht is what is known in this country as a certified flex-partner! And we guard this good reputation jealously. So jealously, in fact, that it is often enough for official institutions checking the legality of employment at our clients just to see the abflexkracht logo. As well as being a member of the industry’s professional union, the ABU, abflexkracht is also registered with the Dutch SNA (standard NEN4400-1), has the appropriate registration with the Chamber of Commerce, and has its own house quality mark.