Maciej talks about earning money in the Netherlands

Maciej, 24, from Walcz, Poland

Works for abflexkracht as an agricultural production employee
via abflexkracht

Maciej has only been in the Netherlands since March of this year and is more than willing to work long hours. He came here with a goal in mind: to work hard and earn money. Right now, he is working a temporary job at a cut flower and bulb nursery in Hillegom, arranged by abflexkracht. 

In the coming days, Maciej will be working outdoors in the fresh air in a rural setting. It is harvest season in the Netherlands. The tulips are ready to be picked – and it must happen within a few days’ time. A group of 60 colleagues is doing the work together, which makes for a pleasant sense of comradeship in the field.

Pleasantly physical labour

We find Maciej carrying a large bunch of tulips on his shoulder. “What we're doing is more like pulling tulips,” Maciej says with a grin. “You don't actually pick the flowers, you gently pull them off the bulb and out of the soil. Then you gather them into a bunch right away and secure it using a rubber band. It's pleasantly physical labour and I get to spend the whole day out of doors, which I really like. This job made me realise I'm really an outdoor person.”


Biking to work on your own 

Not only his job, but Maciej’s transportation and housing are arranged by abflexkracht as well. “I like it here; it's nice to have everything you need so close to together. And this area is very pretty – it's close to the dunes and the seashore. I have green bicycle provided by abflexkracht. That way, I can get to work each day on my own. At the weekends, I like to bike to the beach and lounge in the sun, either just relaxing or barbecuing with friends.”

A future in the Netherlands, for now

At least for now, Maciej pictures a future for himself in the Netherlands. “My life here is very different than what I had in Poland, and I like it. I find the Dutch people's mentality appealing; they're very open and tend to just say what they want to say. It makes things very clear. And there's a greater sense of equality, even in a work setting. It's also easier to make contact with people here, and I like that too.” So is there anything he misses about Poland? “Delicious Polish food, of course,” Maciej laughs. “Luckily, there's a good Polish supermarket near where I live.” 


Learning Dutch

And Maciej’s dreams for the future? “I want to learn Dutch in any case, which I can do through abflexkracht. And a job that has something to do with driving and trucks sounds fun to me. I'd like to get a license to operate a fork-lift. And to develop my career – to take on a team lead position down the road. I know I have what it takes to do those things, but first I need to get more experience and learn to speak fluent Dutch. For the moment, I just want to work plenty of hours and earn money.”